Nutrition and the Imprisoned Splendour: The Green and White Diet Dorothy H. Forster

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Nutrition and the Imprisoned Splendour: The Green and White Diet  by  Dorothy H. Forster

Nutrition and the Imprisoned Splendour: The Green and White Diet by Dorothy H. Forster
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Description There has been much interest in the past few years in the use of diets that restrict the range of foods consumed. These diets are said to bring benefits by improving the ways the foods are digested, greater health and feeling of well-being. The Macrobiotic and Hay diets have for years had many supporters who find the restricted use of certain foods, or balanced combinations of foods, give an improved vitality and happiness. I have myself experimented with various diets and can vouch that they do bring changes in bodily functions as well as in emotional and sensory feelings, have a great interest in food and health matters, but because it is also my work, I find it very difficult to stick to one regime often switching from one to another as the mood, and the need to test recipes, takes me, so I find it difficult to give conclusions about the long term effectiveness of any of them.There are many things we do not yet know about nutrition.

I believe we are more than just our physical bodies, since in a way we are also the processes that use the bodys thoughts, feelings, dreams, emotions, actions, passions and aspirations. But our physical bodies are themselves far more subtle and intricate than we can imagine. Life is a process of the transformation of energy from one form to another, and nothing in this process is static or fixed- every breath we take and every thought we have changes our body, and the food we eat and its conversion into energy that our bodies can use is another vital link in the process.At each moment we are the result of the genes we were born with, the food we have eaten, the ways we have treated our bodies, the thoughts we have had and theemotions we have experienced.

All are important and if we mistreat ourselves in any way we will reap the results. But I do also realise that we are not all the same and that diets which work well for one person may not suit another.I have known Dorothy Forster for many years and have much admired her pioneering work in bringing good wholesome food to the world. So when she asked me to read the manuscript of this book I was very intrigued and I knew it would be worthwhile.

I did not realise just how revolutionary her ideas would turn out to be, but I commend them to you and recommend you to read with an open mind and to taste and see for yourself whether they work for you.I hope this book will be a source of stimulation, inspiration, vitality and good health to many people.

Rose Elliot M.B.EPatron: The Vegetarian Society, U.K.About the AuthorThis is a book to make one think.Dorothy Forster has worked for many years on the various types of nourishment we need, not only the food we eat, but also the air we breathe, the light that falls on our faces, the impact of the ideas that we consider and inspire us. In this book she sets out how these various nourishments interact and the importance of maintaining a balance in them and between them, with practical advice as to how this can be achieved.

Please read it.Baroness Edmee Di PauliFounder Director Centre-LinkWorld Centre of Service

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