Zahn #2 Patrick Fillion

ISBN: 9781897102558



24 pages


Zahn #2  by  Patrick Fillion

Zahn #2 by Patrick Fillion
| Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 24 pages | ISBN: 9781897102558 | 5.16 Mb

Zahn will need an army to protect Varda! He and his newest ally, the mysterious Cauldron, journey to the dreaded Tower of Dead Dreams in an effort to free a band of warriors who will join their crusade.However the two are ensnared by Nymphmen and made to have sex with one another for their captors amusement.

Narrowly escaping with their lives, Zahn and Cauldron manage to defeat the Nymphmen and rescue four captive warriors from the Tower who pledge their loyalty to Zahn and the fight for Varda’s liberation.And while all of this transpires, mysteries are unveiled and the truth about the lingering threat that threatens to destroy Varda begins to reveal itself… as do Zahn’s true origins.

The question is… is the Son of Winter ready to face the truth about who he is and his what his ultimate destiny may hold?

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