The Ugly Little People: Libby and her Oddbuddies Elizabeth Kesses


Published: December 12th 2013



The Ugly Little People: Libby and her Oddbuddies  by  Elizabeth Kesses

The Ugly Little People: Libby and her Oddbuddies by Elizabeth Kesses
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This is a tale of an ugly little girl who, like so many, feels different from everyone else. She has sticky out teeth, frizzy hair and really uncool clothes. She is picked on at school, teased by her perfect elder sister and thinks she is plain ugly.‎In the first book of the trilogy, The Ugly Little Girl, she discovers a magical night school called Oddbods , a School for Self-Esteem, where freaky kids like her go in their pajamas.

Libby makes a new best friend there too, Astrid, a hippy chick, who collects spoons and can talk to cats.Libby is back and this time she is at ballet school, her dream come true. She is also a prefect at the magical night school for self-esteem, Oddbods. She now has other misfit kids, Oddbodets to take care of, the troublesome twins, Bo the boy who likes sewing and Daphne who is teased for looking different. ‎Peace is restored at Oddbods and there are even crazier Freakography trips, funnier snacks, such as banana burp cake, and new contraptions like the flying sofa.But a Modelling TV show brings the worst out in everyone, almost ending in disaster.

‎‎Real girls and mums are caught up in Imagos spell and Libby has to face the dark forces of Narcissus again that will stop at nothing to create a perfectly looking world.‎The Ugly Little Trilogy is about self esteem and believing in who you are, in a world full of judgement and appearances.

It is for everyone, as all of us, no matter what age, suffer from crises of confidence about our looks, our body and our image. We are all more beautiful than we think we are.

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