Dastak Na Do Altaf Fatima


Published: 2006


787 pages


Dastak Na Do  by  Altaf Fatima

Dastak Na Do by Altaf Fatima
2006 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 787 pages | ISBN: | 5.40 Mb

I could go on and onnn in this review keeping in view the fact that much of my 9th grade was spent discussing this novel in First Language Urdu, but I wont. This was the second urdu novel that I read and after this very few have followed thus Im in no position to discuss the intricacies of Urdu Literature but I will praise this book and author where it is deserved, and deserve it does.Altaf Fatima has pulled off a glaringly realistic look at the norms prevailing in our part of the world and in the human nature in general.

Seeing that this book is set around the time of partition, it also gives glimpses into those times and also of foriegn land, China. Ironically, China seems to have come out of its many problems that plagued it at that time while we are still languishing in ours.I read this book three times, at first it came off as excessively long, at the second time things kept peeking out of the story urging me to look deeper and third time I literally drowned.

Atlast I could see the many things Altaf Fatima had made painfully true and endearing to the reader. And thats when I truly realized the meaning of the title, and boy was I blown? Chinaman is the best, and most real character and...and..my vocabulary fails me. You just have to read and understand it to know.The book looks at things through Gaitis character, who makes the first impression as an unfearing and complicated girl but by the end the realities of life leave her just as vunerable as anyone else. There are a number of characters whos rise and downfalls in life are shown mostly concerining Gaitis family and people she meets as her life story proceeds.

And Chinaman the other central character is our window to the foriegn land and the voice of sense in Gaitis life and the one who has to sacrifice because of the burden of life on his young shoulders. And his hesitance.Is it possibe to go to the depths of most of the characters in one book and still be able to express it truly and beautifully? Altaf Fatima does just that and this is one of the things makes Dastak na do so real. I might not have read much Urdu literature but plenty of poetry I have, both ghazal and nazm and have come to the conclusion that the range of expression there is in Urdu language, I have not witnessed in any other.The story is quite overwhelming at the begining and I found myself wondering what does the author intend to do with all these stray strands?

Altaf Fatima weaves everything into a single rosary of pearls. Literally. You might think as I did, that how will the author be able to pull off an ending as good as the story the whole book was, but she does and it is the smoothest, simplest and most profound I have ever read!There is no other way to put it, its just beautiful. Everyone should read this story, its not just a literary masterpiece, its a compilation of life.

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