Healthy Traveler Susan W. Kramer

ISBN: 9780971343153

Published: January 1st 2003


204 pages


Healthy Traveler  by  Susan W. Kramer

Healthy Traveler by Susan W. Kramer
January 1st 2003 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 204 pages | ISBN: 9780971343153 | 5.27 Mb

The Healthy Traveler helps readers locate and use remedies from pharmacies, health food stores, kitchens--even the backyard--to relieve the common ailments and stresses so often experienced when traveling. Its packed with information that readers will use again and again and is the perfect companion for business, leisure and armchair traveling.

This handy travelers guide is packed with helpful information on what to do when emergencies arise. The subjects covered range from the ordinary afflictions that travelers can experience: difficulty falling asleep, constipation, dealing with food poisoning, traveling on winding roads with a car sick companion, to the more unusual: hiking in the Rockies and experiencing altitude sickness, and preparing to dive the Great Barrier Reef while coughing up blood.

Written in laypersons language with a minimum of medical jargon, The Healthy Traveler uses an easy-to-read format that allows readers to look up the information they need quickly and simply, without stress. With a step-by-step explanation of how to deal with different health issues, this handbook has the answers travelers need, emphasizing inexpensive, natural solutions and where to find them. The information provided includes tips on the common ailments that can ruin a trip, such as jet lag, stiffness and blisters.

Most people have health problems when they travel that they rarely, or never, encounter when they are at home. Because they dont have these problems at home, they dont think to prepare for them when they are on the road. This guide reminds readers of common travel ailments so that they can plan ahead, and provides assistance when dealing with problems that may not have beenanticipated.

Because diet, clothing, schedules, and environment can change, sometimes radically, when on the road, travel ailments frequently differ from those experienced at home. Travelers lose many of their anchors, the constants in their lives. Air travel exposes travelers to dry, recycled air, decreased oxygen levels, and lower atmospheric pressure. Crossing time zones upsets the bodys biological clock. Many travelers, anxious to wring every drop of pleasure from their trip, tend to do too much. Travel involves change, which is stressful in and of itself.

The Healthy Traveler addresses these issues in an organized fashion. Major topics are organized into chapters that include personal experiences, specific instructions, a wide variety of remedies and handy chapter summaries. The Healthy Traveler is the first book that everyone making a trip should pack.

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