How to Master Judo... Fast! (Lets Get Physical Series Book 3) Ray James


Published: April 19th 2015

Kindle Edition

42 pages


How to Master Judo... Fast! (Lets Get Physical Series Book 3)  by  Ray James

How to Master Judo... Fast! (Lets Get Physical Series Book 3) by Ray James
April 19th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 42 pages | ISBN: | 4.60 Mb

“How to Master Judo … Fast!” is for anyone who wants to know more about Judo and learn how to master this martial art and Olympic sport as rapidly as possible.Judo is a very popular martial art that you can easily get involved in, though it can take years of practice for you to master it and get your black belt.

This book will help speed up the learning process by introducing you to Judo and helping you to master the important techniques so you can win matches and practice effectively.As you read this book you will get practical advice and tips that will help you to become better at this martial art and improve your technique, helping you to beat your opponent more frequently.In “How to Master Judo … Fast!” you will discover:- The History of Judo – understand the background behind Judo, how it was created and where it comes from, which will help you to understand why it uses the techniques it does- Finding a Great Dojo – having a great place to practice is vital so you will learn what to look for in a dojo and how to find a great one that is near to you- Understanding Your Weaknesses – Judo follows specific forms and it is easy to exploit those weaknesses in a match.

You will learn which areas of your technique need improving so you are stronger when grappling your opponent- Know the Rules – as a competitive sport there are plenty of rules involved and knowing these can give you a much needed edge in any competition by knowing exactly what you can and cannot do- Learn From Previous Fights – many Judo fights are available to watch on video and watching these will help you to learn from the masters of the sport and improve your technique- Learn the Kata – make sure you know the kata, including the Japanese names for all the moves so that there is no confusion and you can improve your technique further- Throws – learn the different types of throws including hand throws, hip throws and foot throws so you can master these vital techniques- Sacrifice Techniques – understand the importance of the two types of sacrifice techniques, when to use them and why they are so important to helping you win a match- Grapples – find out about the different types of grapple used in Judo and when to use which grapple in a fight- Body Strikes and Blocks – discover how these apply to Judo and what you can and cannot do with these two techniques- very important if you want to avoid violating the rules and being disqualified- Progressing in Judo – learn the 17 different ranks within Judo and how you can rise through them, gaining advanced belts and becoming recognized as a master of JudoTrue mastery of Judo will take you years of practice but it is attainable.

This book teaches you all about how to master the various techniques so you can rise through the ranks and gain the much coveted black belt. There are many benefits to you from learning Judo including the health benefits, the boost in self-esteem and much more.Enjoy learning Judo and mastering the many techniques as “How to Master Judo … Fast!” explains all about this exciting martial art and Olympic sport.

Discover today how you can master Judo.

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