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Published: September 17th 2014



Please Mr Postman  by  Alan Johnson

Please Mr Postman by Alan Johnson
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Alan Johnson has always come across to me as one of the few politicians who understand what life is really like for ordinary people. This second volume of his memoirs begins with him and his family leaving working-class west London to head for the Britwell council estate in Slough, 30 miles away. He was a very young husband and father, only nineteen years old.

He and his wife Judy brought up their three children in Slough on his not very lavish pay as a postman.I found the book a little dry in places, where he goes into detail about trade union and political organization, but overall it was a good read and easy to read. Like many other working-class people, he educated himself by extensive reading and discussions with all manner of different people.

Like everyone, he and his family experienced joys, sadness and loss. I found the book to be at its strongest when he was writing about the latter. Theres lots of fun in it too, though, and some astute observations on people hes met along the way. Hes an appreciative man, enjoying the world around him and giving credit where its due.Its also a picture of the 1960s. For example, he remembers when we all thought having a bottle of Mateus Rose with a meal out was the height of sophistication.

Then we took the bottle home and made a lamp out of it. Wonder how many of those there are still are in bedrooms around the country!

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