Fern Seed And Elephants C.S. Lewis

ISBN: 9780006280828

Published: May 5th 1998


128 pages


Fern Seed And Elephants  by  C.S. Lewis

Fern Seed And Elephants by C.S. Lewis
May 5th 1998 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 128 pages | ISBN: 9780006280828 | 4.57 Mb

This is a very interesting and enjoyable set of essays and speeches compiled after C.S. Lewis death. They deal with important issues in ones personal spiritual life (prayer, forgiveness) as well as wider theological issues (the nature of the church, higher criticism, etc.). The style is very enjoyable and rarely so academic or professional that it goes over ones head.One strikingly relevant essay is the one on historicism.

It refutes the idea that man can read into historical events any objective or purpose without the aid of revelation from the One who is putting the plot together. This chapter denounced those who see in certain events Gods judgment for specific sins.

I was so astounded by the clarity of his argument that I photocopied it and sent it off to Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. This is the church demonstrating at the funerals of U.S. military men and women, claiming that battlefield losses are Gods judgment for official U.S. toleration of homosexual behavior. The chapter also ridicules those who feel that evolutionary science or other scientific theories that have gradually drifted into metaphysics and become scientism are also without basis in true philosophy.Then perhaps saving the best for last, Walter Hooper introduces the Fern-seed and Elephants address.

In one presentation C.S. Lewis destroys the demythologizers who claim to be able to distinguish the Historical Jesus from the fairy-tale portions of the Gospel accounts. His reasoning is straight-forward and easy to understand, but extremely clever and, I believe, irrefutable.

I spent lots of time reading Francis Schaeffers works in my twenties, and what Schaeffer spends books trying to do from the perspective of philosophy, Lewis accomplishes swiftly from the perspective of literary criticism.

Tremendous stuff. Though the issue seems not to be as threatening today (because the churches that bought into this liberal theology have been bleeding members for the last half-century), we need to hold onto this text when such issues again ascend in Evangelical or Catholic seminaries.My only complaint, oddly enough, is that Lewis at times seems to buy into a bit of liberal assumptions himself.

He sees Jonah as a Jewish tale rather than true history. He seems to concede a few too many points like this to the liberals. Im still enough of a Fundamentalist to cringe when I read such things. Still, I would far rather give Lewis the benefit of the doubt here than to throw out all this tremendously powerful stuff that can still help us defend our faith from those who wish to discredit it.

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